Case Results

Millions Recovered

"My settlement was for $1.26 million. The accident changed my life, and Tom made sure that my injuries were identified, and my interests protected."

Why SLG?

"Tom's excellent negotiation skills at the near day long mediation brought us a $650,000 settlement."

Unparalleled Excellence

"Their dedication and proactive strategy was vital in the successful resolution of my situation. Honesty and fairness are the cornerstones of this firm's core values."

We believe that proof is in results . The case results below are a culmination of the obsessive pursuit of our craft; our exceptional team members; and our zeal for our clients.

After sustaining severe injuries requiring three (3) surgeries to her cervical spine and bilateral shoulder, Stathopoulos Law Group, P.A. secured a $1.26 million dollar settlement.

Multiple intruders entered a business and shot a bystander twice in front his minor children and wife. Settlement in the amount of $650,000.00.

Driver was severely injured following a dump truck rollover accident caused by a phantom vehicle. Client suffered multiple injuries, including fractures to her ribs, lumbar spine, ankle and knee, as well as a severe avulsion/degloving leg injury with an open wound and exposure of bone and tendon requiring multiple hospitilizations and surgeries.

After a five day trial, a Pinellas County Jury awarded $513,706.71 (before set-offs and comparative fault) for injuries sustained while riding a bicycle after a vehicle struck him causing multiple injuries to his lumbar spine resulting in back surgery. Plaintiffs' also exceeded their PFS.

$442,500.00 settlement for case involving a violent rear-end collision. Client suffered serious injuries which necessitated cervical spine surgery.

After a semi-trailer truck caused a multi-car collision forcing our client's vehicle to spin out of control and strike a tree, $380,000.00 negotiated settlement which allowed our client to receive spinal surgery and therapy.

Total settlement just before jury selection of $317,500.00 in Hillsborough County before Judge Stephens, for violent rear-end collision to Registered Nurse necessitating shoulder surgery. Portion of settlement was extra-contractual.

Teen was severely injured as a passenger on a Yamaha automatic off road vehicle. The off road vehicle struck a sandbank and flipped, consequently landing on top of the teen. Teen sustained severe injuries including a wound to her thigh requiring three surgical procedures.

Violent rear-end collision while stopped at a red light. Injuries included a perforated/ruptured bowel, a hematoma surrounding the large and small intestine and a blood clot in his stomach requiring surgery to remove a part of the colon and small intestine.

Rear-end collision with significant property damage resulting in the total loss of vehicle. After shoulder surgery, negotiated global settlement of $244,000.00

Defendant was driving a rental car when he violated the right-of-way and violently struck our client's car. Our client sustained a left shoulder tear necessitating surgery, meniscal tear of the left knee and serious spinal injuries requiring injections.

Client was riding his motorcycle when Defendant made an illegal U-turn directly in front of client causing a severe collision. Our client sustained severe injuries including multiple lumbar spine fractures. Stathopoulos Law Group, P.A. quickly secured the tender of the maximum available policy limits of $100,000.00

Client was violently rear-ended by DUI driver causing severe injuries necessitating cervical spine surgery. Majority of settlement was extra-contractual.